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University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Highfield Womens Dinner2007

Highfield Women's Dinner 2007

Every year the House Committee members of the three female residences of the Highfield cluster get together in an event to celebrate women. This year the three residences, Girton, Medhurst and Reith gathered on the 10th of August to celebrate women's day under the theme "Phenomenal women"

The guest speakers for the night were Bonnie Henna and Prof. Mamokgeti Setati. These two Phenomenal women served a great purpose in motivating the young women of the Highfield cluster who were present at the event. Prof. Setati highlighted a good point that " It is important for one to obtain a good Degree, but a good Degree is not sufficient to make one successful". Amongst other things she told her own life story of starting off right at the bottom and working her way up.

The talented girls of the Highveld cluster rendered items of entertainment, songs and poems. The management of our catering company KKS, also suprised the mass of young women with a draw for three different hampers. And of course, the House Committees of the three residences handed lovely gifts to our guest speakers and also made sure that all the residents and the Dining Hall staff present at the event felt special by giving them lovely picture frames as gifts. Our Programme Director, Kgothatso or "Kg" as known, announced that all of us put our pictures in those frames and learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves as we are day by day!

The highlight of the evening was a suprise visit by the male residents of the Parktown cluster. The House Committees and some members of the house of Knockando, EOH, Parktown Village 1 and Parktown Village 2 came all dressed up in formal with a "Pledge for women" that they all came together and prepared for their sister residences of the Parktown cluster. Amongst other things they highlighted the points that " Women are not sex objects, Women should be treated equally as men, Women should be protected and Violation of women should stop".

Pictures will be uploaded soon!