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University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Chairman's Speech


Elvis Ukpaka
80th Anniversary 28th September , 2002

The Vice-Chancellor
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
The Dean of Students
Registrar and Assistant Registrars
Fellow Raiders
Distinguished ladies & Gentlemen.

It is a great honour for me to stand before you in this glorious 80th Anniversary of Men's Residence. It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to this event. The residents of Men's Res are very privileged to have you grace this event. Let me thank all of you for coming.

To our alumni who are present here tonight, I would like to say welcome back home. To many of us in Men's Res, it is a home-away-from-home.

RAIDERS as today's residents of Men's Res are fondly known, pride themselves in the fact that Men's Res is a residence above all residences.

I do not mean to brag about it, but Men's Residence has produced leaders in various fields in our great country South Africa, and there is no doubt about it. Our alumni who are here today bear witness to that. We have some of them in parliament, the Reserve Bank, some are CEOs and others own their own companies.

Did I leave out sports? Our sportsmen have continued throughout the years to dominate sporting events such as soccer, rugby, cricket, basket ball, athletics just to mention a few. EOH is still crying from the punishment that we gave them on the rugby field a few weeks back during the Wardens Cup. Here is tissue paper for the Chairman of EOH. One of our great alumni sitting here tonight, Bruce Fordyce, who is considered to be one of the world's greatest ultra marathon runners is proof of what Men's Residence is made of.

Men's Residence as it stands today will always have many things to be proud of.

So many changes and events have taken place in our residence. If I may mention a few, only this year

  • We were the first residence in the history of Wits University, to take a strong stand against all forms of sexual abuse on campus and the Nation at large.
  • We are the first residence on campus to have a website . For some of you who don't know please check out our website
  • Towards the end of July, our SRC conducted a march for HIV/AIDS awareness on campus. RAIDERS were so distinguished in that march. I am proud to say, we received a special thanks from the SRC and the University.
  • What else can I say : Our residence has tremendously changed . Men's Residence is a place to be.

Once again , to our alumni here tonight, I take out my hat for you all. You are our role models. You are a great inspiration to all RAIDERS .

It is our hearts' desire to see you more often. We do understand how difficult it is for you to come. We hope that you form a "Men's Res Old Boys Association".

Once again , I thank you all for being here tonight. God bless Men's Res, God bless Wits University and may God bless you all.

Thank You.